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Oscar Sr. & Sally Brugmann started their journey & businesses with one thing in mind: build and sustain a great business for the family all while supporting and giving back to the community and the land. O.K. Brugmann Jr. Concrete Ready-Mix and Precast is proud to be a 4th-generation owned and operated business that continues to provide excellent service, create growth & opportunity all while delivering the world's best aggregate concrete mix & precasts to all the builders and dreamers out there, large and small.

Sonny, Mark & Anna Brugmann

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What we offer: services & products

Here at O.K. Brugmann Jr. Ready-Mix Concrete, we offer not only high-quality concrete delivery service, but also many other services and products to help with a multitude of projects.

Parking Curbs • Catch Basins • Risers • Steps • Patio Stones • Park Benches • Retaining Wall Blocks • & Custom concrete options!

*Same-day deliveries are possible, especially if you are looking to add to your pre-existing load. All services are based on schedule and material availability. Summer is our busy season and we are looking forward to helping you with all your upcoming projects! Give us a call or request a quote today for our concrete ready-mix, color concrete options, building tools, precasts & ingots!

Cement mixer truck transport with pouring concrete to create for walking.
Why Us


O.K. Brugmann Jr. Concrete Ready-Mix uses only the best high-quality cement mixes to get the job done. We proudly stand by our quality of our suppliers. We use Keystone's Portland Cement, a company that has proudly served our communities since 1920. We also use Carmeuse, Lakeside Sand & Gravel, & Sika to create premium ready-mixes and precasts.

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Concrete that is specifically manufactured for your construction projects at our Mantua plant, and supplied to you on site from one of our experienced drivers 100% ready to use.
Our premium ready-mix is a mixture of Keystone's cements, water, and our world-famous local aggregates: sand, gravel, or crushed stone.


Mom & Pop & a one-stop-shop. Let us supply you with the tools you need to get the job done. We offer tools for purchase and we have an extensive precast inventory.
We are a Bon Tool and TREDS boots distributer and have tools on-hand for purchase as well.
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Concrete doesn't have to be all grey like our Northeast Ohio winters! Make your next project stand out with custom colors, stamping, design and more.
We have the best tools in the industry to make your design dreams come true! O.K. Brugmann Jr. LLC only works with the best color and decorative concrete options around. Quality is our #1 priority and how we stand out and stamp out from the rest.
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Are you a pro that needs to talk through your next project, or are you a total novice trying to tackle your next D-I-Y? Use our team as a stepping stone!
No project is too small and no project is too big. We love helping contractors, home owners, community organizers and more in figuring out the most concrete of solutions for the task at hand. Call us today and let's cement something!
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Our Company


We are proud to be a 4th-generation-owned company in the heart of Mantua Township! 
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