Premium Colors, Stains, Stamps & More.

Take your concrete to the next level with decorative concrete finishing systems. Combining color, texture and performance in one system, these versatile offerings meet a variety of needs — from simple stamping to patterned overlays, exposed textures, intricate etching and of course, premium color!


Now you can have the color and design of your dreams poured right into your driveway, patio, garage floors or next business venture. O.K. Brugmann Jr. Concrete Ready-Mix can deliver integrally colored concrete through Sika's automated batching system. In the summer of 2019, we added a CHROMIX-It® 404 M/ME Color Center at our Mantua plant. We are not only able to create Sika's entire SCOFIELD® Integral Color Chart, but we are also able to match over 800 additional colors from outside manufacturers.

Premium Concrete Color Catalog

View the full Sika Integral 120 Color Catalog. In addition to these premium colors we can also match almost any concrete color from outside concrete color manufacturers! 800+ color options available!

Antique Releases - Stamped concrete

View the full LITHOCHROME® Antiquing Release Pro color release catalog from Sika. Release colors are used during the stamping technique for decorative concrete projects.

Color is able to be added directly into the load of concrete here at the plant, or mixed and bagged separately for contractor pick up. Concrete color is altered by many factors, including cement and aggregate color, slump, finishing practices, and curing method. *Please note, all colors below are part of Sika’s full color catalog, linked above. Color viewed on mobile or online should not be used for exact color matching.

Give one of our color specialists a call at the plant so they can help you plan your next color or decorative concrete project!

Colors shown on these sample grids & the Sika charts approximate the color of broom finished concrete flatwork made with a medium gray cement and cured with SikaColor -500 Colorwax & Euclid Super Diamond. If different sealers are used, the concrete color may not be as vibrant as shown.

Concrete should be batched and placed in accordance with the Product Data Sheets.