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The beginnings of O.K. Brugmann Jr. Ready-Mix Concrete started in 1947 with one ready-mix truck. Building a solid foundation was just the beginning for Oscar Brugmann Sr. who moved to Mantua, Ohio in the late 1920s. Read more about our family & our team below.



O.K. Brugmann Jr. Concrete Ready-Mix and Precast is a 4th-generation family-owned business operating out of Mantua, Ohio. The beginnings of the Brugmann concrete business started with the purchase of one sole ready-mix truck by Oscar Brugmann Sr. to use at his already established sand and gravel pits.

Oscar Brugmann Sr. started the company with the goal of helping build the local community through growth and opportunity. He also wanted to provide the best concrete in the nation, so he worked hard to make sure his workers were well-trained and efficient.

Today, O.K. Brugmann Jr. Concrete Ready-Mix and Precast continues that mission of helping people build their dreams with our fast and high-quality ready mix. We serve contractors, commercial and residential developers, DIYers, families, cities—anyone who needs concrete!

We're always looking for ways to improve our quality and service so we can be sure we're doing everything possible to help you succeed with your project.

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We strive for the highest quality of materials, goods, and of course, customer service. We aim to be your first choice when it comes to concrete. Our customer commitment strategy is about servicing all clients with dependability, integrity, quality and traditional values to get the job done to the highest of standards. We are excited for future growth of this long-standing company, but our aim is always to stay at a level where our customers and our team still feel like family.

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Mark Brugmann, Chief of Operation O.K. Brugmann Ready-Mix

Mark Brugmann

Chief Operating Officer

Anna Brugmann Ready-Mix Dispatch

Anna Brugmann

Head of Dispatch

Barb Sprouse operations at O.K. Brugmann Ready-Mix Concete

Barb Sprouse

Director of Operations

Oscar Brugmann Owner of O.K. Brugmann Jr. Ready-Mix

Oscar Brugmann Jr.


Our History

O.K. Brugmann Jr. Ready-Mix Concrete has been in operation since the 1960s. But, building a solid foundation was just the beginning for Oscar Brugmann Sr. who moved to Mantua, Ohio in the late 1920s. Read more about our family & our team below.



Our story began in 1929, when Oscar Brugmann Sr. founded Oscar Brugmann Sand & Gravel, Inc. with his wife Sally. Oscar Brugmann Sand & Gravel, Inc. started out as a one-man show with a single-axle truck and a couple of employees in 1929.

Oscar Sr. took notice of a town called Mantua, a small town that had some of the most rich aggregate deposits in the world. In 1929, Brugmann's first mining location was built on Mennonite Road in Mantua, Ohio - right across from our current plant!

Oscar was then joined by his sons Roy and Sonny (our Oscar Jr.!) & Olga as well as many more of the extended Brugmann family.

In 1947, Oscar Sr. decided to purchase a single ready-mix truck as a natural step in his current business endeavors. Around the 1960s, he officially expanded into the concrete world in addition to aggregates and O.K. Brugmann Concrete Ready-Mix was born!

The concrete side of the business started to grow with the help of Oscar Sr.'s children during the 60s, and in the 80s, Oscar Brugmann Jr. took over the business with his sons and became the owner of O.K. Brugmann & Sons Concrete & Ready-Mix and upgraded operations with an entire new fleet. In 1996 they updated again with all front-discharge ready-mix trucks.

Today, Oscar Jr. or "Sonny" as we call him here at the plant, owns the business and his son, Mark Brugmann, who originally started off working in dispatch, currently operates and manages the day-to-day with his daughter, Anna and his sister-in-law, Barb - and of course with a bunch of hard-working long-standing drivers who've been with Brugmann for years!

O.K. Brugmann family photo